About the Author - Larry Hales

Larry Hales is the Founder, Chairman of the Board/CEO of Hales Global Group with headquarters in Washington, DC. His life involves a strict regime of traveling the world to present compelling thought to influence the agendas of leaders in industry and government.

Prior to starting his firm Hales was a White House program director for Vietnam Era Veterans under former presidents Ford and Carter. Hales has served as special advisor to Department of Defense (DeVenCI), program. Providing high-level emerging technology briefings to the executive council board.

Mr. Hales has served on the United States Headquarters- Small Business Administration Veterans Advisory Board and many other boards. Hales is a Vietnam Era Veteran. He is also an alumina's of Stephen F. Austin where he started in both football, track, and boxing.



The Company

Hales Global Group and its partners have been serving clients for more than 40 years. Hales Global serves as your "eyes and ears" by providing clients with the most timely, accurate, and meaningful business intelligence that could impact clients' goals and objectives. Under Larry Hales his company has served prominent clients such as AT&T, Boeing, Ford, GE, Harris, IBM, Lockheed, Sprint, and many others.

Hales clients have won over $70 Billion Govt. Contracts and our team have held senior top management positions inside the White House, Senate, DoD, GSA, and other agencies worldwide. The largest Chinese company in the world whose revenues were $112 billion in 2020 has Mr. Hales as their marketing consultant. To read about individual companies’ success go to www.halesglobal.com.